Divorce resolution moves online

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

Covid may mean that you are stuck in your house, but with the benefits of online technology, you don’t need to be stuck in your marriage. Mediation and Collaborative Practice have moved online, bringing these dispute resolution pathways to your doorstep.

How does Online Mediation and Collaborative Divorce work?

You can each still have your own lawyer and depending on the needs of your family, other professionals such as a coach who specialises in communication may be involved or a financial expert.

Traditionally, mediation and collaborative meetings happen in person. These might include separate meetings with you, your former partner and any other professional needed. In this process, you will go through what I call the 5 D’s of Dispute Resolution (which you can read all about in another of my blog posts in this series).

  1. Decide to enter the process.
  2. Disclose any information or documentation required.
  3. Develop options based on your interests, needs and concerns.
  4. Determine the best outcome for your family.
  5. Document the agreements reached.

We follow all the same steps but instead of meeting around a table, with online Mediation and  Collaborative Divorce, we meet in the virtual world using video conferencing facilities. Please don’t be worried about the technology. We have you covered and we will take the time to make you as comfortable as possible with it all.

The benefits of Online Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are that you can attend to your divorce from the comfort of your dining table. It is an efficient use of time and resources, meetings can be arranged at times suitable to you and you can work with professionals from anywhere in the country.

We can even use the technology to draft and sign any agreements reached.

We are here to help make your separation and divorce as pain free as possible.

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